Sunday, September 19, 2010

Helping up in a friend's newly rented Studio

In Dubai, rental are paid yearly. The studio I was staying (approximately 500+ sq ft) unfurnished cost around Dirhams 36,000. Which is approximately RM36,000 per annum. We rented the studio since 2007.
After coming back from Kuwait business trip, my friend Edwin who came from Singapore working with Logistic company also relocated to Dubai. So I help him to set up some furniture.
DIY. Bought from IKEA Dubai.

Kuwait Business Trip

Ever since I relocated to Dubai, UAE to take care of the Dubai branch, my job is to cover all the Middle East Countries or so called Gulf Countries. This time, I have to go Kuwait for business trip. In actual fact, I travel to Kuwait almost once a month.

Arriving at Kuwait, our local agent rented a hotel suite for me. This Palace Hotel is really porch.
Corridor walking towards my hotel suite.
For Middle East Countries, the hotel design are usually like this. To me, I felt a bit too complicated. I would rather prefer a plain and simple design.
Approaching my suite.
Right at the door step.
Wow.. it is a duplex.
The moment I enter the suite, I see a staircase which leads to the bedroom. There's a mini bar, living and bathroom on the lower floor.
Mirror everywhere. Another TV upstairs.
View from Upstairs looking down. The empty space beside the carpet is where I do Yoga everyday during lunch break.
Quickly snap a picture of myself again.
View from my suite.
There are still lots of abandoned buildings that looked like remnants of war.
Lot's of building in Kuwait, Dubai and also other middle east countries are still like that. Some worst still.. people are still staying inside. And everywhere is full of sand and dust as seen on the picture.. This is consider normal.
Jacob Al Habib (Chookoontaleeee)
 Chookoontaleee is a childhood joke of them. They never really explains why but whenever they mentioned, they will laugh so loud.
Another Good friend.. Hamed Al Habib (Koonishtaleeeee)
Another Chokoontaleeee. This is Mr. Saeed Al Habib.
Mr. Saeed Al Habib is the owner which I have been dealing with all the time. He is a very friendly person. You must be wondering why all Al-Habib, they are all brothers. According to him, his father had 4 wives, one in Qatar, one in Kuwait, one in Bahrain and another in Dubai. All the brothers total up to around 30+ person which he could not tell the exact figure.

This is Mohammed
In Middle East, you will come across many people whose name is Ahmed, Mohammed, Mohammad, it is just way too common, so, sometimes when I received phone calls, I need them to tell which Mohammad, sometimes I know who is who but most of the time I don't.
The are considered the earliest few locals I met who became good friends with me. I even had an opportunity to have a family meal with them. Remember usually family functions, ladies doesn't eat together.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Seeing my nephew for the first time. 12th - 15th April 2008

When I arrived at Vitoria, I waited for my brother-in-law to pick me up from the Bus Station. I was freezing there. I was so glad to finally arrive at my sister's house. Time to spend with their new born. Jonah. He was 2-3 months old then.
Helping my sister to babysit Jonah as she take a rest.

Cooking for sister and family.

I forgot these are coffee beans or chocolate.
Sister bought this blue sling bag for me.
We went out for dinner
Me and Brother-in-law, Raul.
Me & my elder sister. Say Chin. We can talk for hours non stop. It has been like this since young.
This park is walking distance. Fresh air all the way.
We brought Jonah for a walk. He loves to be outdoor and he often fall asleep easily.
We were so busy taking pictures and talking, for 3 seconds we left Jonah alone. (OK, we are not supposed to do that)
I had a great time in Spain. Though it is such a short trip.
I conclude this is a time well spent. Glad I had a chance to visit them in Spain. Will certainly visit them again.